K Works Pneufeet



  • Single Pneufeet: $30 each. Can support 0.5 to 5 pounds each. Ideal loading is 3 pounds.
  • Quad Pneufeet: $60 each. Can support 2 to 20 pounds each. Ideal loading is 12 pounds.
  • Large Pneufeet (not shown): $40 each. Can support 5 to 25 pounds each. Works well anywhere in this range.

How they work

“Pneufeet” is short for “pneumatic feet.” True mechanical isolation with compliant supports can be very effective when done right. Non-compliant supports (cones and spikes) act as couplers (and never isolators), which will alter the vibrational mode of the device, usually pushing the problems into some other frequency range or octave. The sound may appear to change for the better until you notice where the wart went and find yourself annoyed by it all over again. It’s much better to prevent transmission of vibration into the device (to isolate it mechanically) while providing damping of its internal vibrations at the same time. The Pneufeet are a synergistic combination of pneumatic support, stabilizing cups, and damping materials.