Power Conditioning

K Works Silencers


  • System Silencer: $90
  • Peripheral Silencer: $110
  • Set of four (best deal! save $40): $380

How they work

The Silencers are an advanced full 3-line filter system with huge amount of capacitive shunt filtering and RF-stripping ERS paper jammed into a relatively tiny package. These have up to 10 times the non-transient suppressive shunt filtering of even the largest and most expensive power filters, as well as having RF-stripping ERS.

Silencers come in a “System” type to work on your system’s house circuit (where your amps and devices are plugged) and a “Peripheral” type to work on other circuits in the house. Those other circuits pick up plenty of noise, too, and deliver it through the junction box into your system, unless a Peripheral Silencer is there to

Together the two types provide all the many benefits of a reduced noise floor.

Do not confuse these with those other 1-line (hot-to-neutral only) wall-wart based capacitive shunt filter units. These have more than ten times that much capacitance and use high quality polypropylene and metalized film capacitors. They work splendidly alone, but their action is amplified when used as a system of a minimum of a set of four, and still better as you add more (peripheral type) around the house to quiet more of the lines in your living space.