K Works Design Techniques

“Everything I design is meant to get as much synergistic amplification of effect by the maximum number of physical effect paths (both interconnected and not) as I can conceive, adding up to much more than normally meets the eye in a design. The focus should always be on physics before eyewash.”

Igor Kuznetsoff, K Works

ERS Paper

ERS paper, made from amorphously random-length nickel-sputtered carbon fibers plus other proprietary coatings inside of a Polyester fabric outer covering, is a hi-tech RAM (Radar Absorbent Material) custom adapted from military applications.

The commercial aeronautics, automotive, electronics and other industries, like ahead-of-the-curve audio design, now use such RAMs for their Radio Frequency (“RF”) absorptive and shielding properties, which can be considerably superior to simple old-fashioned shielding while offering flexibility and other application properties not obtainable from traditional shielding. (Radar, radio, and microwaves are all RF of varying frequency.)

Most K Works products make use of ERS paper in innovative techniques developed by K Works Audio.

Capacitor Bypass Combinations

Sometimes exotic (priced) capacitors, like Teflons, metal foil or oil filled types,  are the right choice, but K Works prefers wherever practically possible to use more intelligently chosen combinations of superior Electrolytic and Polystyrene capacitors in synergistic combinations that yield superior performance at reasonable prices and, where larger values or specific qualities are needed in appropriate circuit locations, Polypropylenes.

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