K Works Bravissimo

Pure Class A with Zero Feedback




How It Works

The Bravissimo headphone amp is a powerhouse in a tiny package. A hybrid design working with even the hardest-to-drive headphones, it brings enormous fun and enjoyment to headphone listening. It’s a seriously upgraded evolution of the Bravo amp with nearly every component replaced and a hand-picked “Clear Top” 12AU7 tube that’s an ideal match-—no cheap Chinese tube with this amp! It can challenge amps several times the price, and none have the power-to-size ratio of this one.

Upgrades include all new caps, multiple bypasses, ERS RF-absorbing cloth, an exclusive proprietary “Henderson Damper” on the power supply cap, a hand-picked “Clear Top” 12AU7 tube, much better, faster, more extended MOSFET output devices, improved heat sinking, circuit upgrades, gold plated RCA inputs, adjustable voltage trimmers, and ERS inside a special hand-made shielding base.

If you listen to headphones, you owe it to yourself to hear this one! Very few of the expensive exotics costing multiples of this one even come close to the fast, powerful, detailed, yet refined sound of this amp. If you haven’t gotten into headphones, and hear this one, you just may after the experience.

A proprietary technique used on the power supply cap, a Hendersen Damper: