Price: $900

The NanoMax DAC is stunning both in its technical achievements and its musical engagement. Igor starts with the iFi Nano, capable of true native playback of PCM (up to 32 bit/384 KHz), DSD (up to 128x), and DXD (384 KHz). It’s equipped with an XMOS Asynchronous USB interface and contains a lithium-polymer battery providing both quiet power (critical to the best possible refinement of sound) and enabling portable use.

Igor then places the iFi in a larger box and brings out the high level of resolution and musicality he is known for by adding quality capacitors and bypasses, advanced uses of RFI-absorbing and blocking materials, vibration damping of the military-grade clock crystals, and other proprietary tricks. The output signal is routed directly to the RCA jacks with Litz wire for a clean output path.

The result is a DAC that works portably with your iPhone, tablet, or computer and provides great musical pleasure with nearly every available file format.

Showing the front and back, and notice the super-high-performance USB cable which will be available soon.