Speaker Cables

K Works Blue Shadow Speaker Cable



A cable will be custom-built for your needed length and terminations. Contact us for prices.


Either end can be terminated in bananas or spades.

How it works

OFC Copper Litz in Teflon conductors encased in a superbly flexible, tough and stunningly beautiful blue braided fine-stranded Polypropylene/air outer cover/conductor spacer, which yields an overall composite dielectric property better than solid Teflon. This speaker cable is proofed against passing RF back to the amplifier with Ferrite blocks and ERS guarding the amp end of the cable. The “leg” braiding and vibration damping qualities of the covering guards against injecting audio frequency noise though the “back door” of negative feedback circuits in amps so configured. The outer cover spaces the conductors apart and is designed to eliminate inductive transient suppression during large transients. The Blue Shadows are flexible, easy to get along with and are an 11 gauge equivalent.

And this gorgeous cable is probably the first one your significant other will actually like the looks of.