K Works Empowered Power Cord — NEW version 3!



In a six-foot length the version 3 price is still $350! Call about other lengths.

How it works

Now with more enhancements… up to version 3 at the same price! The Empowered Cord version 3 has multiple advanced features. It will deliver clean power with superb transient speed from a power conditioner or the wall straight to your component. This cord provides additional power conditioning because of its design (ideal for people without a conditioner), including built-in capacitive filtering, an Aluminized Mylar outer shield, efficient audio-appropriate ferrites (that do not suppress transients), and a type of radar-absorbing material called ERS paper in the IEC plug to block RF from entering your component’s power supply. Like everything Igor designs, it’s a synergistic combination of materials intended to deliver maximum dynamic impact, musicality, tonal beauty, and transient speed. It performs like a cable costing $1000 or more. Add the Empowered Cord and hear your components come alive!

This cord is compatible with the 3-pin IEC sockets (IEC #320) that are common on audio equipment. However, with an adapter that I provide it can also be used with the two-pin “figure-8” sockets (IEC 7) that are found more on video equipment, laptop power supplies, and so forth. It will clean up the power to any device! I’ll include the adapter at no extra charge.

Click here for a detailed white paper on the design principles of power cords and how these principles are executed in the Empowered Cord V3.