Analog Interconnects

The Clearheart



For one meter, $950. Contact us about other lengths.


Available with RCA or XLR connectors.

How it works

The feather-light and flexible K Works Clearheart is our pinnacle product analog interconnect from K Works. The most unusual and unique feature of the Clearheart is the use of ERS paper instead of a conventional shield. Almost all interconnect cables use a conventional metal shield, but you may by astonished by how much this constrains the dynamics and how they can open up when you remove the shield. To keep the cable from picking up noise, a proprietary configuration of ERS paper (a type of high-tech radio-frequency absorbing fabric) is used instead. Also built with OFC Copper Litz in Teflon conductors, it uses braided Teflon/air spacers and a braided Teflon/air outer cover. Teflon and air are the only dielectrics in this cable, resulting in a dielectric constant that is better than solid Teflon! Minimum metal Eichmann RCA plugs are used to avoid sonic intrusion on the signal.

The result is a super fast, expansively open, dynamic cable with superbly uncolored top-to-bottom sonic balance, and a deep, wide and detailed soundstage.

That’s the important part, what we hear. But, for the tech savvy, there’s this: the Clearheart cable boasts a mere 12 picoFarads of capacitance max, or less,  and no more than a max of .44 microHenries of inductance per foot (+0, -5% due to hand building)! Try finding numbers like that among among any other top cables, or any numbers specified at all.