About Us

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Hello. I started Brilliant Zen Audio in order to bring K Works Audio products (designed and hand-built by Igor Kuznetsoff) to the Southern California area, as well as make them available by mail order. Located in New Jersey, Igor already has great word-of-mouth reputation in the New Jersey/New York area. I will get similar word-of-mouth going in Southern California.


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The first K Works product I heard was a Silencer, a power conditioning box (actually a set of them) that you plug into several circuits around your house. I’ll never forget the kind of change in sound the Silencer set brought. There was greater extension on top. There was more detail. There was deeper bass. There was a more precision soundstage. But what really impressed me was that it all contributed to the musicality. Even more impressive was that it was a balanced change: all the individual changes worked together to create something greater than the sum of its parts.

Over time I acquired more K Works products, including a DAC, custom-modified headphone amplifiers, and superb cables. All of them have the K Works signature sound: unbelievable dynamics (both macro and micro), unbelievable musicality, high resolution (and the resolution is always musically involving, never analytically distancing), bass to die for, pace/rhythm/timing that is spot on, and a wide and deep soundstage.

I invite you to try Igor’s products and discover for yourself the enjoyment in his signature sound.