Welcome to Brilliant Zen Audio. We are a dealer featuring K Works Audio products, the creations of Igor Kuznetsoff, a world-class designer with an amazing knowledge of circuits and materials: but more than that, an ability to put it all together with a perceptive and music ear.

If you don't hear any other K Works product, you have to try the K Works Silencers, a system of power conditioning parallel filters that costs as little as $90. They bring all the benefits of clean power, and their synergistic combination of high-quality parts like Polypropylene and metalized film capacitors is tuned for that K Works signature sound: strong dynamics, bass extension and slam, treble extension and more. Find out more here:

Igor makes some fantastic cables with unrivaled dynamics by making use of a high-tech material called ERS paper rather than a conventional shield. His cables include analog and digital interconnects, power cords, speaker cable, and headphone upgrade cables. See more here:

Igor's latest creation is the Bravissimo headphone amplifier. He starts with the Bravo amp and does a major parts upgrade, using special techniques and materials to achieve an amp with a "fun factor" that has to be heard to be believed. See more here: